Credit Card Betting Sites - Banned In UK From April 2020

Credit CardCredit cards are the oldest form of purely electronic payment, going all the way back to the 1950's. Pretty much every bookie that accepts debit cards used to accept all major Visa and MasterCard credit cards until a ban was brought in 2020, meaning you can no loger use them to deposit and bet in the UK (although you still can in other countries).

The ban took effect from 14th April 2020 and from this date you can not fund an account with a credit card, either directly or indirectly via eWallets such as PayPal.  This includes store cards and any cards that give you advance credit.  The move was made on the advise of the UK Gambling Commission that found credit cards are used by up to 22% of problem gamblers.

If you are looking for Visa Debit, Maestro or any other debit see our debit card payment guide.

Credit Card Gambling Ban In The UK

no credit cards allowedFollowing a review released by the UKGC and a report from the government in 2018 a credit card gambling ban was proposed.  These changes were passed in January 2020 and brought in on the 14th April of the same year.

This means it is now illegal for a UK licensed betting site or land-based establishment to accept funds via a credit card, this includes indirect methods such as eWallets.  It is still potentially possible to buy a PaySafeCard using a credit card and use this to fund an account, although we would strongly recommend you don't as this is technically still illegal but just a loophole.  Likewise pay by phone bill services are still operating, but as this is in effect a credit service it is likely this could be removed in due course.

The ban is the latest in a line of new proposals by the UK government, UKGC and the Betting and Gaming Council.  Other measures that are likely to come in include a restriction on VIP programs and a whole host of new regulations expected through a new gambling act to replace the 2005 Gambling Act.

Largely the CC funding restriction has been accepted as the right thing to do given its links with problem gamblers, although some people who genuinely use credit cards to bet for other reasons (e.g. they do not have a bank account) will lose out.  Fortunately there are many means to deposit and withdraw to a gambling site, you can read about these on our main banking page.

Online Bookmakers That Accept Visa And MasterCard

We no longer recommend bookmakers for credit card use since it was made illegal in the UK.  If you are betting abroad with a non-UK account you may still be able to use one, if this is the case you can see our debit card page, many of these operators will still accept CC's outside the UK.

A credit card is an electronic payment method that gives the account holder access to a pre-determined or agreed amount of credit from a funding institution. Credit cards previously were only issued by banks but these days credit cards are available from supermarkets and any number of other third party companies. Most credit cards are powered by either Visa or MasterCard although other forms exist including American Express and Diners Club.

Betting sites used to accept most Visa and MasterCard credit cards prior to the ban however it was rare to find a UK bookie that will accept Am Ex and Diners Club. This is mainly due to higher fees associated with processing transactions with these providers.

credit card gambling

When funding an online bookmaker account outside of the UK with a credit card the transaction is processed instantly and any delay will be due to the bookie processing the transaction. Most withdrawals to credit cards take the usual 2-5 days due to normal banking procedure. Any additional wait will again be due to your bookie processing the transaction.

Whilst funding a betting account with a credit is still perfectly legal in some countries outside the UK some banks can on occasion block transactions, repeat transactions or large deposits. This is because online gambling can be a source of fraudulent activity and your bank will stop an account if they believe there is unusual activity. Simply tell your bank that you do not want them to block these types of transactions and they will usually leave you to bet in peace. If your bank is constantly stopping your betting transactions consider using another bank.

Visa Gambling and Maestro Gambling

credit card paymentGambling in the UK is legal if you bet with a licenced betting account, although you can no longer use a credit card. If you are outside of the UK you may still be restricted from using a credit card to fund a betting site for any of the following reasons:

  • If you have a bank card registered in a country where online gambling is not legal, such as the US, you may be prevented from loading an account even if you are in a legal territory. Consider using a digital wallet service such as PayPal as an intermediate.
  • If you are in a country where online betting is illegal you may be prevented from funding and betting from an account whilst you are in that country. In this case not much can be done. You could phone your bet in or ask someone to place your bet back home.
  • You have asked your bank not to allow transactions to betting websites or the bank has stopped these transaction due to suspected fraud. Phone your bank, verify your transactions and ask for limits/restrictions to be lifted
  • Your credit card may not allow cash transactions – use another funding method or get a different credit card product.

How To Bet Using Visa and MasterCard

credit card deposit example

Unlike a with a debit card in order to fund an online account outside of the UK using a credit card you do not need to have funds in an account but rather you are issued with a line of credit that you can draw money against. You are liable to pay that money back and interest may be applied to your credit balance.

It is worth pointing out too that funding of online betting site is usually classed as a cash transaction not a purchase and therefore you may have to pay cash fees to use a credit card in this way. Cash transactions are usually separate from any agreed interest free purchases agreement and could be liable for interest as well as a fee.

Simply register and enter your card details to fund your account, funding should be virtually instant as with any other credit card transaction. Enter the name printed on the card, e.g. Dr Carl Henrik Olme, give a billing address, the long card number, expiry date and finally the CVV code. The CVV is a number printed in the signature panel of the card and you will be asked for the last three digits to authorise the transaction.

History of Bank Cards

For a complete history of credit card cards see our debit card article by clicking here.

Countries Where Credit Cards Can Be Used For Gambling

See our debit card article for more information, read more.


secureFunding an account using a credit card is actually one of the most secure payment methods. Electronic security measures include having to provide a billing address that must match your registered address, providing the card details and the CCV number meaning you must be in physical possession of the card.

Credit cards are even more secure than many debit cards. When you transact using a credit card you are borrowing against a line of credit and this means by law the credit company is liable if funds are lost or stolen under the Consumer Credit Act in the UK. Therefore if for some reason such as the bookies accounts get hacked then you will be protected from losing your deposit funds from your credit card provider, usually up to £1000. Further regulations and information is available from the UK Cards Association.

If you make regular online card transactions and purchases, and especially if you use several betting accounts, it could be worth using an eWallet such as Neteller as an intermediary.  This way you only need store your card details with the eWallet provider and not with every site you use, therefore this is inherently safer as there is less opportunity for your details to be stolen or hacked.  If you use Apple devices you could also use Apple Pay to deposit for the same reason.

Credit Card Fees

fees iconCredit cards are liable for three type of possible fees. I know we have covered this already in the article but it really is import as fees on credit cards can really add up.

  1. Cash Fees – Your credit provider may have (and usually do have) additional fees for cash transactions on credit cards. Check these before use as funding an online account is classed as a cash transaction.
  2. Cash Interest – This is the interest you will pay to your bank on the transaction. Cash transactions are usually not included in any interest free period and rates can easily reach 30% so again be careful. Interest is usually charged monthly in addition to any fee
  3. Bookmaker Fee – Very few bookies will charge a fee for this type of transaction. It really isn't fair to in the modern day. Frankly if I was betting with a bookie that charged me I would change bookie. The table at the top of this page will show any of our bookies that charge additional credit card fees.