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This Offer Has Now Expired

Golden Goal might be defunct in the beautiful game since it was notably used for the last time in the FIFA World Cup in 2002, when Turkey defeated Senegal in the quarter finals, but William Hills online betting pretty generous take on the concept today certainly brings the idea and adrenaline back to life.

One of the very best aspects of online betting are the now numerous incentives that give you the opportunity to boost your winnings with less risk. William Hill’s Golden Goal is the latest in a line of insurance offers that could add serious value if you are likely to bet on these games anyway.

Golden Goal is available for all William Hill customers. All you need to do is place a single bet on the ‘90 minutes’ market on the selected Golden Goal Game and choose your team to win. If your team scores first depending on your stake, you will win up to £25 cash, irrespective as to whether the team goes on to win. The Golden Goal Game is usually the main football feature of that week. If you do not already have an account visit our William Hill review for details on how to claim an additional introductory offer.

William Hill rarely release new long term promotions but when they do they always tend to be very good value and extremely reliable. This offer is not a gimmick, it’s a straightforward easy talking added bonus to your usual bets, if your team score first you will win a up to £25 cash. For more about how to play keep reading.

How to play Golden Goal

Register for an account with William Hill, if you don't have one already click here. Login and click 'Promotions’ on the top menu. Choose the Golden Goal Promotion to find out the Golden Goal match.

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Where possible the Golden Goal game will be the most high profile match or matches scheduled that week.

Once you've identified this weeks Golden Goal Game simply place your single bet on your betting slip in the ’90 minutes’ market. Only your first bet on the game qualifies for the Golden Goal promotion, however there is no opt-in required.

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Of course, you can get savvy with your bets and the decisions you make on the best odds to be in with a chance to win the full £25 cash reward. Unlike other offers, the reward is hard cash for you to withdraw, no need to wager, just play, win and withdraw if you choose to.

But remember, William Hill like all bookmakers are also savvy – if they see a specific amount struck for a bet – lets say £18.42 which in line with the odds listed brings you a perfect £25 Golden Goal cash reward, they will soon restrict promotions to you. Its always best to place round number bets £2.50, £5.00, £10 etc.

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Remember that you can’t take advantage of the Golden Goal promotion if you are placing an accumulator bet, it is only for one game and one outcome on the ’90 minutes’ market.

Golden Goal can be played on all devices and through the William Hill mobile and tablet app. Take note, it is not available in store.

Golden Goal bets can be made right up to the kick off of the match, all you need to do then is hope and keep everything crossed – but remember your chances of winning are increased, the Golden Goal offer is like an insurance back up bet in case your bet doesn't come in at full time. For more about the prize read on.

Prize Structure - Up To £25 Cash Winnings


If your team score first, you will win up to £25 cash, plus your qualifying stake even if the match outcome is a draw or your team loose.  

Winnings will be credited to your account 3 hours of the event ending, and in any event by midday on the next day following the end of the match (UK time).

Here is an example of your potential prize winnings:

If you stake £5 on England to beat Holland with odds of 8/5, they score FIRST and then WIN the game, you will win £8, plus your stake of £5.00, giving you back £13.

If they score FIRST but don’t win the game, you will still bag £8 plus your stake of £5.00.

If you stake £50 on England to beat Holland with odds of 8/5, they score FIRST and then WIN the game you will win £80 + £50 stake back = £130.

If they score FIRST but don’t win the game, this time you will only receive £25 winnings plus your qualifying stake.  To work this out divide 25 by what you could have won (25/80 = 0.3125) and multiply that number by your stake, 25 x 0.3125 =  £15.62.  Therefore you will receive £40.62.

William Hill are simple and straight talking bookmaker.  Therefore if you want to withdraw your free winnings all in one go you can.

Game Rules and Restrictions

know the rules

  • Bets placed need to be done so with deposited funds, not free money.

  • This promotion is available on the William Hill UK site and Textbetting, Bet placed via Telebetting & Retail will not count.The Golden Goal offer is available to bets struck in these currencies: GPB, EUR, CAD, AUD, DKK, HKD, JPY, SGD, USD, CHF.

  • The Golden Goal offer is available to bets struck in these currencies: GPB, EUR, CAD, AUD, DKK, HKD, JPY, SGD, USD, CHF.
  • You do need to become an account holder with the bookmaker and this means you must be aged 18 or over (in the UK).

  • Only your first qualifying bet on the Golden Goal match will count towards this offer. Subsequent bets even on the same match will not count.

  • Golden Goals (unlike the real match rule that once was), only applies to goals scored within 90 minutes, not applied to goals scored after 90 minutes.

  • You can’t cash in your bet part way through the game otherwise you will loose your Golden Goal winnings.

  • The offer is set to run up until Saturday 1st June 2020, so you have plenty of time to enjoy and reap the rewards.

Terms and Conditions

There is the usual list of terms and conditions that you expect with any promotions offered these days, but most of the words cited is legalese about abuse of the promotion and defining terminologies. To be honest there are very few terms and conditions about the game itself.  If you are over 18 and using the William Hill UK site then you can play, as long as you haven't previously been restricted for promotional use.

A full copy of all terms and conditions can be found on the William Hill site here.

This is a fantastic offer from one of my favourite bookies, William are going to make a lot of people happy with this generous special addition to your usual bet, and for the sake of a quick check of the Golden Goal match that week you might as well be in the pot with a chance of winning.