Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 Offers

Lucky offersThe Lucky 15, and its derivatives the Lucky 31 and Lucky 63, were originally invented by Fred Done, original owner of Betfred, as a new system to bet on racing. The Lucky betting system is a form of full cover betting that allows a punter to wager on all possible multiple betting lines from a given number of selections. A lucky 15 for example is a package of 15 individual bets that cover every possible combination of bets that can be made from four selections (4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one 4-fold).  You will get returns even if just one selection wins.

Other full cover

Full cover and lucky betting gives a punter more chances to win and can be a useful betting in all sorts of situations. These bet types are often good value for punters and are generally excluded from typical betting offers such as accumulator insurance, money back deals and free bets. We will show you some of the regular lucky 15 betting offers and other full cover betting offers that can be found for horse racing, greyhound racing and when applicable other sports too.

Best Betting Sites For Lucky Bonuses

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Betfred Best Lucky Offers and Original Inventor
All Correct
10 / 20 / 25%
Super Bonus
15 / 50 / 100%
One Correct
3x / 4x / 5x Win
Max Stake
Pay Out
All Racing

Lucky betting originated in horse racing through Fred Done, one of the original partners who founded Betfred.  You can therefore rely on finding the best lucky and full cover bet enhancement offers from this bookmaker in particular.  Betfred also own the tote, and its website Totesport, where you can access the same promotions and features.

All of their offers are available for horse racing, greyhound racing and also virtual racing.  Bonuses are applied automatically to qualifying bets.  All deals pay out in cash with no maximum limits, minimum stake limits only apply to the super bonus race lucky enhancements.  With both sites you also get best odds guaranteed as standard and you can stream races if you meet minimum stake limits. The feature full cover betting offers are summarised here:

  • Super Bonus Races - Pick an all correct Lucky 15, 31, 63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz from the six listed super bonus races daily and your winnings will be enhanced with a 15% bonus for a Yankee or Lucky 15, 50% for a Canadian or Lucky 31 and 100% for a Heinz or Lucky 63. Minimum unit stake of £0.20.
  • All Correct Bonus - Get all your predictions correct on any Lucky 15 or Yankee and get a 10% bonus paid on your winnings. Should you get all-correct on a Lucky 31 or Canadian and get 20% and if you are fortunate enough to hit an all correct Lucky 63 or Heinz get a 25% bonus.
  • One Winner Bonus - Another long standing Lucky offer from Betfred and Totesport that applies to all horse racing and greyhound racing bets. Great for those times when your predictions go massively wrong. If you get just one winner on a Lucky 15 you will receive treble the odds, get just one winner in a Lucky 31 and get 4x the odds and for just one correct in a Lucky 63 a huge 5x the odds. Bonus is paid on winnings not including stake but is in cash and with no upper limit.

Beyond the lucky deals get money back second offers on a daily basis, faller insurance in the jump season along with a wide range of racing free bets and best odds guaranteed.  You can also stream all races and as the owner of the tote get access to the best range of totepool markets.

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What is a Lucky 15 & Other Full Cover Bets

Trixie 3 - 3 1 - - - 4
Patent 3 3 3 1 - - - 7
Yankee 4 - 6 4 1 - - 11
Lucky 15 4 4 6 4 1 - - 15
Canadian 5 - 10 10 5 1 - 26
Lucky 31 5 5 10 10 5 1 - 31
Heinz 6 - 15 20 15 6 1 57
Lucky 63 6 6 15 20 15 6 1 63

Lucky's and other forms of full cover bets are multiple bets consisting of a series of linked single lines, effectively the total number of doubles, trebles and accumulators in a given number of selections. See our betting guide article on full cover betting for detailed information. Lucky bets are known as Full cover bets with singles, other full cover bets such as Yankees, Canadians and Heinz do not include singles.

In brief a Lucky 15 and a Yankee are full cover bets with 4 selections. A Yankee consists of 11 separate bets of one 4-fold accumulator, four trebles and six doubles. A Lucky 15 is nearly identical but consists of 15 bets including the four single bets.

A Lucky 31 and a Canadian follow the same rules but with 5 selections. A Canadian is made up of 26 bets including a 5-fold accumulator, five 4-fold accas, ten trebles and ten doubles. A Lucky 31 is the same as a Canadian but including 5 single bets making 31 bets in total.

Heinz are made up of 57 bets, one 6-fold accumulator, six 5-fold accumulators, 15 four-fold accas, 20 trebles and 15 doubles. A Lucky 63 is the same but includes the 6 single bets making 63 total lines.

How To Place A Lucky 15 Bet & Other Full Cover Bets

  1. Applicable Markets – While full cover bets and Lucky's in particular were developed for betting on horse racing these bet types are open to all sports where there are defined winners. A Lucky 15 for example could be placed on the outcome of 4 football matches, 4 tennis games, 4 novelty bets, etc., etc.
  2. Number of Lines – A Lucky or other full cover betting systems are simply a collection and multiple and single bets. This means the more selections you have the more betting lines there are to bet on and you should factor this in when making your wager. A Lucky 15 has 15 betting lines, at £0.50 a line for example this would cost you £7.50, A lucky 63 is 63 bets and would cost you £31.50, etc.
  3. Payouts – Each line of the bet is paid out separately so if for example you place a Lucky 31 and 3 out of 5 selections win you will be paid out on one treble, three doubles and three singles (7 lines out of 31) but you will lose the other 4-fold accumulator, 9 trebles and 7 doubles.
  4. Bonuses – Most full cover bet bonuses apply only if all of your selections are correct.
  5. More Chances To Win – Full cover bets offer more opportunities to win with a given number of selections but will also cost you more to wager. A single 4 fold accumulator will lose if one selection lets you down but a Lucky 15 will still pay out on 7/15 bets but will obviously cost you 15x more to place the bet.
  6. Accumulator or Full Cover Bet – Lucky betting and other full cover bets are often the best value when one or more selections is an outsider. If you were to place a single acca on say 5 selections but one of your picks is a 20/1 outsider then there is a strong chance you could lose if that one pick lets you down. Should you place a lucky 31 and the same one outsider let you down then your bet will still win on 15/31 lines.
  7. Full Cover Betting Offers – With exception of the deals listed here in general many betting offers do not apply to full cover bets. Check in advance if you would like to exploit an offer but still place a full cover bet. Remember you can always place your multiples as separate bets. If you want to place a lucky 15 but want to get an accumulator bonus for example then place 15 separate bets, one 4-fold acca, 4 separate trebles, 6 separate doubles and 4 separate singles. Your winnings and the wager cost will be exactly the same.
  8. Void Lines – Should one or more of your selections be void once you have placed your full cover bet then there are two possibilities depending on the bookmaker. Some will void the entire bet and refund all of your lines. More commonly your bet will be partly refunded and you will drop down to the next tier. For example I you have placed a Lucky 31 with 5 selections and one is void you will tier down to a Lucky 15 with 16/31 of your betting line stakes refunded.
  9. Winnings – Returns are not fixed but depend on the odds of each individual line. As a simple example if you place a lucky 15 with 4 selections all of even odds (2.0) at £1/line (£15 total) the winnings structure will look like:
    • 4/4 correct = one four fold acca (£15), four trebles (£7 each), six doubles (£3 each) and four singles (£1 each). Therefore £15 + £7 + £7 + £7 + £3 + £3 + £3 + £3 + £3 + £3 + £1 + £1+ £1 + £1 = £58 plus £15 stake back equals a total return of £73.
    • 3/4 correct = one treble (£7), three doubles (£3 each) and three singles (£1 each). Therefore winning of £7 + £3 + £3 + £3 + £1 + £1+ £1 = £19 plus £7 of your stake back gives a total return of £26.
    • 2/4 correct = one double (£3) and three singles (£1 each). Winnings £3 + £1 + £1 + £1 = £6 plus £4 of your stake back giving a total £10 back.
    • 1/4 correct = one single of £1 plus £1 stake back giving final returns of £2.
    In this scenario you only need 2/4 selections to win to make a profit and you will at least get a partial refund if only one pick comes in.