Winner Review

NOTICE Winner Closed To New Registrations: You can continue to play if you have an account (for now) but new accounts are now no longer accepted from the UK. For an alternative list bookmakers see our Betting Sites page.

Winner are kind of like that mate who was born in the wrong era, the guy who works in IT but still uses his phone from 15 years ago. They function exceptionally well in the modern age but still make you think of times gone by. This is odd since Winner only launched in the UK in 2013.

They have modelled themselves on some of the best in the business but stripped back anything fancy and instead focussed on features, market depth, fair odds, and regular offers. You won’t be left wanting with cash out, streaming, stats, and a great virtuals package available.

Winner don't take themselves as seriously as some others, they just do what they do with professionalism and care, and if I’m being honest, it is nice to see a bookie with big ambitions but without the need to shout about it.

  • Bookie For Serious Punters – Features to suit the thoughtful gambler.
  • Regular Offers – A reliable place to build steady value over time.
  • No-Frills – Winner is all about a quality betting experience throughout, not just a bookie with a fancy paint job.

Market Variation

winner markets 250pxWe aren’t quite meeting the range of the very biggest operators here – there are around 25 sports on the list - but all the major markets that most punters will want, especially UK customer’s, will be there in force.

Winner have decided to focus on having a large depth of market for the most popular sports like football and racing at the expense of listing things like futsal, for example.

A typical top football match can carry around 190+ markets pre-event, and this is in the range of the largest online betting sites.

There are also plenty of opportunities to create coupons across all sports.

If you bet on popular sports you will be absolutely fine at Winner.

There are an awful lot of betting lines too, as many as I have seen anywhere else. There are 24 different ‘corners’ lines for football betting, for example, and plenty of Asian lines throughout.

Winner have a separate section devoted to virtuals and it’s really good - although West Ham seemed to be allowed to score at either end during the second half in the game I bet on.

This isn’t really the place to go for specials and novelty bets, though, as there is next to nothing available.

Odds & Offers

winner odds 400pxPrices are about average for most markets at Winner, so those punters that are wooed by top prices might not give them a second look.

If, however, you factor in the winner mobile loyalty bonuses and daily price boosts some lines can actually turn out to be quite tasty, and if you bet across a wide range of sports this is a comfortable place to do it.

Enhanced odds are almost guaranteed daily for racing and all other popular markets on football, tennis, etc, and a good range of acca promotions often run for football, tennis and American sports. Best Odds Guaranteed is also available on some horse races, but not all.

The bookie provides prices in American, decimal or fractional odds formats.

Capped Winnings

bigstock Scott payout cap 400pxDespite Winner modelling themselves on the biggest betting sites, this is one area where they show their lack of clout. The maximum payout at Winner is officially capped at £100,000 unless otherwise stated, and although it’s probably far more than any regular player would ever need to worry about, it’s much lower than many of its competitors.

It is also misleading, because payout maximums vary between sports too, with most match result markets for the likes of football, cricket, rugby, tennis, etc stated as being capped at £50,000. This effectively makes the maximum payout £50,000 as practically every sport and bet type is ‘otherwise stated’. Cheeky.

Some obscure markets for events in less popular sports can carry limits as low as £1000 or £2000 so it is always worth checking first if placing a high stakes bet or wagering on high priced odds. Winner do at least make finding payout limits very easy so there is no excuse for not doing your homework.

The minimum stake here is more encouraging at just £0.10p so another plus is that punters can get involved at any price point.

Ever Wondered About Winner?

winner logo 400pxOnline since 2011 but only running a sportsbook since 2013, Winner are an online only betting site with an appearance that belies their youth. The bookie has decided to focus on how people like to bet online which has resulted in some top features, especially in terms of offers, and particularly on mobile. They don't seem as interested in providing a sparkly product, they are more of a deep and functional sports betting and gaming website suited to the more serious punter.

Winner are operated by PT entertainment services limited, who hold their UK gambling licence and are based in the Isle of Man. The brand name is believed to have come from the tag line 'turning every bet into a winner', which ties in with their mission ‘to create winners’. 

Since launching in the UK Winner have looked to the very top betting sites to set their benchmark. Winner match the top offers from the big brands to create a best of both worlds regular offers package that the typical punter can rely on week by week. This is clearly working out because a third of their customers now hail from the UK and Ireland, with customers from the rest of Europe also taking note.

The Winner brand is powered by Playtech which gives the user not only peace of mind but also a very powerful site. This partnership is a good one for Winner, and for a relatively new brand they aren’t too far away from knocking on the door of the big boys.

Let’s Talk Money

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Winner make finding payment options very easy (unlike many others) and also give punters plenty of options which is another welcome addition for punters. Some are country specific but you shouldn’t struggle.

Winner can be funded in British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Danish Krone (DKK), US dollars (USD) as well as other currencies.

Further Finance Info

You will be pleased to know that there are no fees associated with any transactions at Winner, although if you make too many transactions in a short period of time they may get in touch and ask you to stop or charge you a fee.

Withdrawal times aren’t as clear as I usually like to see. The thing is, their stated times don’t include their own processing which is a bizarre way of doing things but there we go. It’s 3 days max, and although it’s not likely to reach the end of that time frame, the fact that it could needs addressing.

The cashier section is a little clunky to use but it works perfectly well, and if you have any qualms with the limits listed Winner are open to talking about personalising limits.

There When You Need Them

bigstock ninamalyna customer services 250pxWinner have a comprehensive terms and conditions section which is actually quite easy to scan for information despite being a very long document, but it is good to have it all in one place.

If you do need to contact customer services there is a free phone number as well as email and live chat support – you can even still fax.

This old school method of communication is telling though because there is no social media presence (last Twitter post was in 2018) and the FAQ is incredibly dated, difficult to use, and feels unfinished. It does have lots of information but there is no way to search or itemise it.

The good thing is that from personal experience operators are quick and friendly, often going out of their way to help, and you can contact them from 6.00am until midnight. Ok it's not 24/7 but it's safe to say there won't be many punters desperate for help in that 6 hour window when most people are asleep.

All support options are easily available from the homepage or the help section.

A Winning Website?

winner homepage 850px

To be honest, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On the face of it the Winner website comes across as simple and a little bland, however, use the interface for 5 minutes and you will stop noticing that and begin to appreciate the many user focussed features that have been employed. So while it looks like a relic of 1998 aesthetically, all the tools and features that are included are user focused and make a lot of sense.

What you may not appreciate so much is how reluctant the site can be to load new pages; it takes an age to load the in-play interface, for example. It’s hard to understand why because the site is built on a solid platform (Playtech) and isn’t overloaded with graphics.

There is a lot of information on there though, especially on the homepage, which feels a little disorganised even though it’s not. Honestly, I think a redesign from a purely visual perspective could solve a lot of these problems; it’s that blocky late 90’s styling that causes most of the issues for me.

Finding Markets

winner finding events 400pxYou can pretty much get anywhere on the winner site in two or three clicks and in less than 10 seconds. This is down to plenty of navigation options like an intelligent search bar that can even find markets associated with individual players, a good selection of quick links, and an A-Z of sports. You can set your own favourites too.

You can actually do most of your filtering from the A-Z menu using the drop downs that follow each selection, so you could select football, then UK, then Premier League, for example. There is also an overview page for each sport but using the A-Z drop downs saves a lot of scrolling.

I haven’t seen a more in-depth filtering system for displaying bet types either, you can choose to see literally see every bet type available on the sport overview screen. Collapsible markets make it easy enough to tidy up each screen and built in features like this react instantly.

One minor oversight that quickly becomes infuriating is that the betslip doesn’t follow the punter down the page, so if you have to scroll towards the bottom to select your market, you then have to scroll all the way back up to the top to set your stake.

Live and In-Play

winner in play 850px

This is frustrating because on paper the live betting at Winner is actually very good, but in practice it is a bit of a nightmare.

The interface is easy enough to use and navigate, and there are some brilliant features that you hardly ever see, such as the ability to customise the interface and select multiple live events to monitor side by side, but it is so incredibly slow to load.

The good news is that in terms of market depth, for top sports, there are not many better services, and the interface design makes it very easy to hunt through them. Despite being simple in design the system is still flash based, but luckily there is also an option to view a basic web page if you want to keep it simpler (and speed it up!).

To support the live betting section there is a full calendar, live scores and results sections, as well as a well populated news section with posts on everything from cycling to cricket. Full cash out capability is in use and the stats tool matches up to any other bookie out there.

If you can deal with the limping loading pace while going backwards and forwards from one event to another this is a good service.


Winner are a very good bookmaker for horse racing and thankfully they also offer streaming of all UK and Irish racing if you bet at least £1.

This is about as far as it goes when it comes to live streaming and an example where the bigger bookies can flex bigger muscles.

Saying that, by having a portfolio of bookmakers you can always enjoy streaming through one bookie while enjoying the live betting feature of another, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Cash Out

winner cash out 400pxCash Out is becoming fairly standard now. This feature allows you to cash in your winnings early before the end of an event. You will always win less than if you were to allow the bet to run to the end, but then it is a fun way to manage risk. If you cash in at the right time then you can win where you might have lost had you allowed the wager to complete.

Winner's cash out facility is offered on major sports but not in quite the same depth as some of the earlier adopters. Winner have developed quickly however and the Cash Out section is much bigger than it used to be.

Bookie In Your Pocket

winner mobile 250pxThe mobile product from Winner gets a lot of what the desktop site gets wrong right. Right?

It’s much faster all round, the layout and design - while still not exactly cutting edge - feels more streamlined and like it belongs in the modern day, and the bet slip pops up whenever you make a selection so you can choose your stake before picking up from where you left off. In fact, from opening the app to placing a bet can take a mere few seconds.

The in-play section offers a much better experience on the small screen and while it is still a case of functionality over style it comes closer to what the modern-day punter would expect. Considering the additional mobile loyalty bonuses for football, tennis, golf and racing it actually makes more sense to bet this way.

All markets are displayed using a scrolling menu with some nice but not overly hard on processing power graphics, but you can also access them via the menu button which contains almost everything else you might need including the search bar and account management.

For larger sports, like football, you will need to do a fair bit of finger scrolling which is a small negative, Winner could do with collapsing markets in a better way, and finding leagues or competitions within a sport that aren’t at the front of the queue takes a bit of getting used to.

Although there is a separate casino app the major table games (e.g roulette) are available through the sports app. This is great for the occasional bettor who wants to have a quick game without downloading an entirely separate application.

All in all this is a solid product, not quite one of the best but a definite highlight for Winner.

What Makes Winner Stand Out?

Winner's selling point is their ability to match some of the best offers and features from a range of top bookies whilst still retaining a no-frills experience that makes betting fuss free.

There is definitely value to be had here but it is a slow and steady wins the race kind of bookie rather than an obnoxious flashy salesman type. Their customer service team really are fantastic too; sometimes reps can feel robotic but at Winner all interactions are very human and very helpful.

Winner is a site for anyone wanting to add a bookie to their list where you intend to place regular bets over time, whereas if you are after low deposit sign up free bets and more flash in the pan promotions then I wouldn't stop here.

Winner Casino

winner casino 850px

Winner also have all of the other products you would expect from a top bookie, and their casino was actually where they started, so it’s well equipped. For any player that likes variety then Winner have a good package.

The casino is packed with slots from top providers, a live casino, table games, video poker and arcade games, and there is also a bingo and a poker section.

This can all be used via a fantastic interface with some good loyalty promotions thrown in.

Communication Details

  • Name: Winner
  • Licensee Name: PT Entertainment Services Limited
  • UK Licence ref/NO: 39123
  • URL:
  • Customer Services: 0808 120 3498 (Freephone)
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone betting: Not accepted
  • Text betting: Not accepted
  • Twitter: @Sports_Winner
  • Principal address: PT Entertainment Services Limited, Ground Floor, St. Georges Court, Upper Church Street, Douglas, ISLE OF MAN, IM1 1EE