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Betsafe really are a safe bet (apologies for the pun).  Seriously though Betsafe have been running sports betting and gaming markets since 2006 and are one of the best known names in Europe.  The brand, Swedish in origin, is the crown jewel of the Betsson group, one of the biggest betting companies around today. If you are looking for a very well stocked sportsbook and casino site with all the features you've come to expect from the top bookies, but with a refreshingly modern outlook, Betsafe are a very good shout.

The continental outlook of the company means you get all of the typical depth for traditional British markets, but you also get access to a huge range of sports that are rarely found with UK focused sites.  The Betsson group also own Racebets, meaning you get access to the unparalleled range of racing markets from home and abroad, including the best quality live streaming available anywhere.  The company are the principal betting partner of Manchester City and this helps show punters that Betsafe are serious about UK sports betting.

  • Refreshing and Modern Brand
  • Big European betting company, well resourced offering something different
  • Modern and stylish site, no frills interface but yet good looking and very fast

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About Betsafe

betsafe long logo

Betsafe have been around since 2006 and are in fact one of the most experienced online betting and gaming brands in Europe.  You may not have guessed that if you live in the UK because it is only more recently that the brand has started to move into the British market.  They are not doing it by halves either, becoming the main betting sponsor of the likes of Man City, Connor McGregor and Saracens ruby team shows their intentions.

The Betsafe brand is Swedish (which may explain the black minimalist sleek design of the site) launched independently and growing steadily in its early years as primarily a sportsbook.  In 2011 the Betsson group, who own a number of other European focused gaming sites, acquired full ownership of the brand to increase market presence in the sports sector in particular.  

To give you an idea of the size of Betsson they are around the same size as Unibet.  Betsson also employ around 2000 people, have offices in 7 countries and run nearly 20 brands with annual revenues in excess of half a billion euros.

Other Bettson brands include the specialist racing site RaceBets (the best site available if you bet on racing only, in our opinion) along with the classic old British football pools brand Vernons (bought from Netplay in 2017).  The group also own around 15 of other European betting and gaming brands that you may not have heard of but are very successful on the continent.

Betsafe is therefore backed by a vast amount of resource and experience.  The Betsson group have been clever in creating a balanced portfolio of sites that complement each other to create an overall better brand.  For example, the merger with Racebets now means that Betsafe are able to offer an unparalleled selection of worldwide racing markets and live streaming, while the numerous gaming sites provide a vast portfolio of games.

You can see why we think Betsafe deserves a position on, we only list good value, reputable, UK licensed, solid companies here and although Betsafe may be unfamiliar as a name to many in the UK, they are in face, to use a cliche, a safe bet.

Betsson headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, however the Betsafe brand is licensed under a subsidiary company of Betsson, the Betsson Malta Ltd (BML), group based in Malta (see later for contact details).

Interface and Appearance

betsae home page

For as long as I remember Betsafe they have maintained the same high contrast white text on black background with striking red menus and buttons.  This may sound like a ridiculous thing to focus on but I think credit should be given to the company here. 

Most betting sites are constantly chopping and changing the design, whereas Betsafe have maintained a relatively simple, functional, good looking and easy to navigate structure.  The ain't broke don't fix it approach, very Scandinavian, is a virtue of this site.  Punters after all just want to bet and this site makes that about as easy as it can be.

The menu depth is at the right level, everything can be reached direct from the home page of the site, including on mobile.  The functional site design lends itself to very fast loading page loading and bet placement times, particularly useful on the move or when betting in play.

There is nothing that is going to blow you away about this site, but maybe that is precisely the point.  Those after a more colourful design may be better off with someone like Coral, but those that just want a betting site to be a betitng site will be very happy here.

Of course remembering the resources of the Betsson group Betsafe is packed with products and features.  This includes the excellent looking and well designed full racing interface from Racebets, with streams, a genuinely well written and frequently updated blog piece and all the gaming, poker and virtual options you could wish for. 

Sports and Non-Sports Markets

You are going to need to have to some want to bet on some fairly unknown markets for them not to be covered by Betsafe.  The Scandinavian origin can also be seen with the site offering many European markets not often found at UK focused sites.

Market depth is also good with typically up to 100 lines available on top football matches for example.  Live betting markets are impressive with a range matched only by the bigger sites.

betsafe betting markets

Betsafe are a great place for betting on the Olympics and Winter sports as well as more modern markets such as eSports.  If you like novelty bets and specials, such as, TV and film, Politics, world events, or anything like that, then this is a good bookie.

In general Betsafe are best for their all round range.  If you just bet on football then perhaps their are better options, but if you like to look at a lot of sports and markets, from traditional British to obscure continental, then this is a good site to hold an account with. 

The Racebets horse racing markets, included since Betsson took over the company in 2017, also make this one of the best places in the world to bet on global horse racing.

Without being too harsh to Racebets, they seem to have gotten the worse end of the deal when the joined Betsson.  Why?  Because now Betsafe have racing from over 40 countries with top quality broadcasts, but also have a full selection of other sports available. 

This has largely removed the unique advantage Racebets used to have - although for the punter I suppose it is win, win.  Here you can now have all the specialist horse racing features as part of a full sportsbook. Although to be fair to Racebets they also have lots of great racing promotions that Betsafe don't have

Odds Prices and General Value

betting oddsGenerally good value all round with honest basic odds prices along with a decent number of daily boosted markets that often provide a better price still.  Racing markets in particular are well prices due to the link with RaceBets, indeed there are many racing odds here that you simply cannot get elsewhere in any case.

The range of markets also means Betsafe should be on anyone's radar who likes a wide range of sports, there are again many lines available here you may simply not get elsewhere.  Should you bet much on Man City then having an account here is a must too, as sponsors they give better odds in general along with price boosts and linked free bets to make the value even better.

Betsafe are a perfect bookie to have in a portfolio, check in with them before you place any bets to check what they have got.  You will probably find you end up placing more wagers with them than you thought.

Minimum / Maximum Bet and Payout Thresholds

limitsThe Betsafe minimum bet is a nice and clear £010.  The maximum bet is not stated but is instead defined by the maximum payout limit, which is £100,000 for any one bet.  This doesn't mean to say every bet pays that amount of course and annoyingly Betsafe don't tell you their maximum payout limits by sport. 

If you are betting on major markets, such as match result, on major sports then you can expect the maximum payout limit.  Like most sites now Betsafe won't allow you to stake more than you can win in any case.  This is overall a well resourced company however so I wouldn't expect issue unless you are a very high stakes player.

In addition to the £100k bet cap any one customer can win up to £250,000 a day or £500,000 a week.  Only the very biggest betting companies provide higher limits than this.

Live Betting, Live Streaming & Cash Out

betsafe live in play feature screenshot

In play betting with Betsafe has three major advantages: 1, range and choice of live markets. 2, speed of the interface on all devices allowing quick no fuss betting. 3, live streaming of lots of horse racing as well as many other sports.

The in-play feature is very well balanced, which is becoming a common theme of this review.  I think it is the Scandinavian focus on function over form providing punters with a no frills experience that yet still looks good and has a lot to offer.

There is no point going into too much detail about the live horse race streams here as this is provided by Racebets.  You can read about worldwide live streaming available in the Racebets review

Cash Out is fully available and in good depth too.  Cashout on almost all in play markets and most ante-post and pre-event bets.  Partial cash out is currently not available.

Mobile Betting

betsafe mobile site screenshotBetsafe on mobile app or site basically mirrors the desktop version, the site is fully scalable on any sized device or screen with a simplicity that lends itself to mobile use.  This is one of the few sites that is equally good when used full screen as it is when used on a mobile phone.

Speed is everything when we are on the move or time limited and this is exactly what the mobile design focuses on.  There are no distracting graphics or constant offers in your face, just easy to access markets and games and a very intelligible menu structure.

Less is more when the screen size is smaller and this again is exploited to great effect by Betsafe.  The clarity of the black, white and red theme is excellent for finding bets and menu items when moving. 

I actually tested their app on a sunny day last summer against a range of other bookies, attempting to find a specific market with the full glare of the sun on the screen.  Betsafe came out as one of the best due to the high contrast interface.

Whether you are accessing the app or website this is one of the better mobile betting sites.

Gaming and Casino

betsafe casino games screenshot

Betsafe isn't a betting site that just slapped a casino onto the side of it, like you could maybe say about a brand such as Betfred, who are known as a high street bookie mainly.  instead when it comes to the range of choice of casino, live casino and poker games you can see the depth of the Betsson network shnring through.

There are a good range of over 10 software providers, from major names such as microgaming to more niche smaller providers.  This culminates in around 1,000 different titles, enough to suit the standard casino player.

Overall this is one of the better all round sites, if you are someone who likes to place sports bets and play casino games, poker or live casino, then this is a very good option.

Social Media Profile and Engagement

Betsafe are active in the world of social media, commanding over 25,000 twitter (@Betsafe) followers with posts every hour pretty much.  Equally they have around 100,000 Facebook followers and good engagement for those who want it.

It is important if you are a modern betting company to provide these services as many of us like to be kept informed through social media.  These guys have a good balance (there is that word again) between having an active social presence and not being too in your face to those that don't want it.

Unique Selling Point

Yeah you guessed it, the overall USP of the Betsafe brand is the balance of what they offer.  There is nothing overly special about this bookie, well maybe the horse racing the offer is pretty special, but in general their best quality is just doing everything well.

If you are a typical bettor and you are looking for a good, easy to use site with nice range, streaming, gaming features and decent limits, then this is one to look at.  If you just bet on traditional football or the very big sporting events you are probably going to want a different bookie, but if you embrace the world of sports this is a nice home.

Payment Options and Banking

Method Min Deposit Min Withdrawal Fees Withdrawal Time
Debit Card £10 £20 0% 3-6 Days
Credit Card £10 £20 0% 3-6 Days
PayPal £10 £10 0% Up To 24 Hours
Skrill £10 £20 0% Up To 24 Hours
Neteller £10 £20 0% Up To 24 Hours
PaySafeCard £10 N/A N/A
Bank Wire £10 £20 0% 3-6 Days
Entropay £10 £20 0% 3-6 Days

A good point about being a European rather than a UK bookie is they have a wider focus and so offer a range of currencies: British Pounds (GBP),  Bulgarian Lev (BGN), Euro (EUR), Norwegian Kroner (NOK), Polish Zloty (PLN), Swedish Kroner (SEK) and US Dollars (USD).  It is worth noting that once you pick a currency you will need to stick to it.

Deposit Options

bank transferThe minimum deposit at Betsafe is just £10 for all methods, keeping things very simple. 

The stated maximum deposits are £10,000 by card or bank, £45,000 by Skrill or Neteller and £250 by PaySafeCard.  This is a transactional limit not an overall limit. 

No methods carry fees and all are instant:


Withdrawal Options

Withdrawals can be made using all of the same methods except for paysafecard.  All methods have a £20 minimum threshold, except for PayPal which is £10.

Maximums vary from £100,000 by bank transfer to £1000 by bank card.  Skrill and Neteller are both £30,000 and PayPal £5,500.  Note that this is again a transactional limit, you can make several withdrawals.

Processing time are all within 24 hours, meaning instant payment eWallets will take up to one day, bank and card transactions between three and six days total.

Customer Service and Support

customer serviceCustomer services at Betsafe are excellent.  They are open 24 hours a day year round and have good response times day and night.  The agents are also knowledgeable about the brand and know the difference between variations of the product in different countries.

This is not something to be taken for granted, many operators enlist contractors to run their customer support and that invariably is a bad thing.  All Betsafe customer services are run in house.  There are also specific numbers and offices for different countries rather than one central system.

Live chat is generally answered within one minute, email takes an hour usually and phone response times are instant.

See our contact us section below for details of how to contact Betsafe.

Responsible and Safe Gambling

responsibleYou can't operate in the UK with a gambling licence these days without taking safe and responsible gambling seriously.  This means you can rely on all of the usual tools to help you set limits on your account or in the ways you bet to allow betting to be kept as a fun activity.

Many advice services are also available independently, such as GamCare (

Betsafe provide the following responsible gambling features:

  • Deposit Limits – daily, weekly and monthly
  • Reality Checks
  • Cooling Off Period – 24 hours to 6 months
  • Self exclusion
  • Full customer history to keep track of your betting habits
  • Self-Assessment
  • Parental control measures

Licence Information and Contact Details

gambling license informationUK Licence ref/No: 39579

The BML Group also posess other relevant European licences.

  • Name: Betsafe
  • Registered Company Name: BML Group Limited
  • Parent Company: Betsson
  • URL:
  • Customer Services: +44 808 238 0028 (Freephone)
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Customer services address: ‘Betsson Experience Centre’, Ta’ Xbiex Seafront, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1027, Malta
  • Phone betting: Not accepted
  • Text betting: Not accepted
  • Twitter: @Betsafe
  • Registered Company address: As Customer Service.
T&Cs Apply to Welcome Offer, New Customers Only (18+).