Football Articles and Guides

football guidesFootball is the most watched and bet on sport in the entire world. With more interest in the beautiful game than ever before and a global audience to cater for the number of betting options associated with football can sometimes feel daunting. At we don't just list bookie football offers we also explain how to bet on football with guides and articles on bet types such as both teams to score and more. We talk about the history of football as well as where and when to find the major events, when to expect major offers and how to get them, betting strategies as well as general interest and trivia.

Take a look at our football sports betting guide. If you don't find what your looking for in there you will likely find it here. Our expert guides make sure you the punter get the most value out of your football wagers.

Football Bookmakers

bookiesEvery UK bookie provide a book for football betting, this however by no means that you should place your footy bets with any old betting site. In our football betting guide we recommend the best footy bookmakers for your needs, whether that be for offers and deals, odds, market depth, live streaming, live betting and more. Make sure you are always getting the best possible value from your football wagers with

How To Bet on Football

footballOur detailed guide on how to bet on football describes all of the betting markets and lines you can expect to find both pre-event and in play. Whether you want to place a simple win single, accumulator, goalscorer, correct score bet, scorecast and more we give you information not just on what's available but how to get the best value out of these bets. A the bottom of the page there is a full guide to bet types and how to place them.

Major Tournaments, Events and Matches

topracesThe best offers and deals on football are available for the top events and tournaments. We list all the major matches and championships to look out for split into major international, European and UK club football. Whether it is the World Cup, the Africa Cup of Nations or the UK domestic League cup find the details in our football events guide. Scroll up and down to find more on where to watch with live streaming and in play markets.

Both Teams To Score Betting Guide

bttsThe both teams to score market in football and other low scoring sports has exploded in the last few years. A major reason for this is the extra value that these bets can add on their own or when combined with a win. Bookies are competitive on this line so you can be sure to get great odds and offers. In our BTTS guide we discuss how to get the best out of these bets, how often both teams actually score, betting strategies, common rules and more.

First, Last & Anytime Goalscorer Betting Explained

fgsFirst goalscorer and other goal scorer betting markets represent the second most popular football bet. This means cracking prices, great deals and good returns. In our guide you can find out about the relative merits of the different bet types, the best goalscorer bookies as well as strategies to get the best value out of your wagers. We also discuss the rules of own goals, substitutes, red cards and no goal scorer vs 0-0 betting.

Correct Score Betting Guide

correct scoreThe third most common bet type on football correct score is one of the most competitive betting markets available. Just because everyone offers correct score markets doesn't mean you should place your bets anywhere. We discuss the best bookies for correct score wagers as well as how likely various scores are to occur, what odds you should expect as well as strategies to get the best value from these lines.

Scorecast, Wincast & Timecast Betting Explained

castScorecast, anytime scorecast, wincast, timecast and other related bets can add a huge amount of value to your bet if you think you know the result and who's going to score. Things have moved on a lot from the original scorecast and you can now place multiple types of these bets with various betting sites. In our article we discuss the betting sites with the best lines and odds as well as strategies you can use to get the most out of betting on these markets.

Accumulator Betting Explained

accumulator bettingThe acca remains the most popular football bet of £10 or less.  In the UK we have a love affair with the multiple bet that goes back to the football pools and the fact that up until the 1990's it wasn't possible to place single bets on football.  The acca is a relatively poor value bet due to compounding of bookmaker commissions but by using a few basic strategies and utilising some of the excellent bonuses and insurances available you really can add quite a bit of value. 

The Football Pools

old football pools couponIf you are over around the age of 40 you may still remember the football pools.  The much loved game of picking draws from the weekend football fixture list to win a life changing prize was the first means people had in the UK to bet on football. Despite a demise in popularity in the modern day caused by betting online and the lottery you can actually still play the footy pools on the internet.  Read our football pools guide for the full history of one of the nations favourite and most ground breaking games.

History Of Football Betting in the UK

betting shopThe game of football is far older than the pastime of placing a bet on the beautiful game, although you might not think that looking at the sport today where gambling has become synonymous with the sport.  From the football pools, to licenced betting shops, up to modern in play betting with live streaming, football has in fact driven the betting industry just as much as the other way around.  Read about the history of gambling and football in the UK and how we became a nation who loves to stick a few quid on their team to win.

How Common Are Hat-Tricks In Football?

hat-trickOne of the most popular betting markets in the UK is to bet on first, last or anytime goalscorer and a lot of bookies now have promotions to encourage you to bet on it.  The most popular offer is to pay you extra winnings if your player scores a hat-trick, but the question is are these deals worth it, exactly how often is a player likely to score a hat-trick?  Of course it depends on the player, who they play for and the league they are in.  The short answer for the Premier League is around 3% of the time, but for other leagues it can vary a lot.  Read our page for a detailed breakdown on how often hat-tricks are scored.

How Often Do Teams Score From A Free-Kick?

free kick graphicGetting a free-kick near to the goal is seen as a dangerous situation but how often do team actually score from them? Given you can bet on almost any market these days, including next goal method, player to score a free-kick, etc., then knowing the stats behind the success rate could give you a leg up.  Free-kicks are a lot more subjective than say penalties, as distance, angle and other factors come into play but still there is information to be gleaned from the numbers. We also look at exactly what defines a goal from a free-kick and whether better teams and players score more often.

How Often Do Teams Lose A Two Goal Lead?

2 0 score lineYou've likely heard the cliche that 2-0 is the most dangerous score in football, but is there any truth to the idea that teams are more likely to draw or lose when two-nil up? This is now important in the betting world as many sites now have offers that refund you or pay you out early if a team goes 2 goals up at any stage, so are these worth anything?  We look at case studies, famous examples and stats around the idea that teams are more liable to lose when two goals in front

What Are The Chances Of Scoring A Penalty?

penaltiesPenalties are the best thing in the world when they happen for your team but how often are pens given and when they are how often are they scored? Conversely if a penalty is given against your team what are the chances that they player will miss, giving your team a reprieve?  We've analysed penalties in the Premier League to shed some light on the matter and as betting on penalty markets is very popular it is worth giving this some consideration before you place your bets.

How Often Do Teams Score From Corners?

football cornerAs a football fan or punter when your team is given a corner there is an expectation that they should be able to score from it but in reality what are the actual chances of scoring from a corner.  Evidence suggests it could be as little as 1.2% of corners that result in a goal with corners themselves making up around 5% of goals.  There is a lot more than the percentages to consider too, for example, are corners harder to score against better opposition and indeed what actually defines a goal scored from a corner?

Dirtiest Teams and Players

red and yellow cardsThere are many players and teams that get tagged as being dirty, but how often is this true?  This is an important consideration when betting as knowing the teams and players most likely to recieve bookings no only informs wagers placed on yellow cards, red cards and team bookings, it also impacts bets on things like goalscorer bets, number of shots by a player, etc., as a player that is sent off will have less chance to score.  In our article we look at the dirtiest players and teams from the Premier League since it started.

How Tragedy Affects A Football Team

football player cryingWe can all look at stats and form to make an educated guess at how a team might perform in a given match but every now and again things happen, such as a tragedy, that can potentially have an unknown impact on a teams performance. 

We've looked at a series of high profile tragedies to effect football teams over the years and how this has influenced their results.  There is no clear answer, some teams understandably perform worse whereas others get a boost from the enhanced team spirit and support that often goes with these type of things.

Does Playing in Europe Affect Team Performance?

liverpool playing in europePlaying European club football is the dream for many fans but lots of people believe if their team plays in a European competition it will negatively affect their league performance, but is this actually true? We look at some high profile seasons from both Liverpool and Real Madrid to see if in fact playing lots of European games does influence domestic league results, for better or for worse.

Premier League Betting Guide

premier league trophyThe Premier League is the most successful national league in the world, accounting for over half of the bets placed on football in the UK.  The commercial success of the competition has exceeded even the most optimistic visions when it was created in 1992 and it is now the richest league on the planet.  

To begin with the Premier League was fraught with controversy, and many believe still now that the league has lost its soul in favour of commercialism, but whatever you think it is here to stay and will likely only continue to grow.  Being the biggest league also means that every single betting site wants a piece of the action, meaning you can find value when betting on it you can rarely get elsewhere.

Champions League Punters Guide

champions league trophyIt's the richest, biggest, most watched and most prestigious club football competition on the planet, the UEFA Champions League.  The tournament has gone from a side-line competition in the 1950's to the greatest football show on earth today.  Clubs and fans would give everything to win the pinnacle event and as we know this means betting sites take this event extremely seriously.

The Champions League attracts the best offers, biggest market range, best value odds and the best payout rates.  Every bookie provide CL markets but that doesn't mean you should wager with just anyone, read our guides to the best Champions League bookies along with details about format, schedule, history, trivia and more.

European Championships 2020 - Pan European

european football championship engraving on trophyThe Euros is no longer a second string tournament to fill the gaps between world cups.  In its own right it has become the best continental international football competition on the planet, and draws audiences and crowds to match.  The timing of the Euros also means there is not a lot else going on, this means it captivates the attention of both bookies and punters making it one of the best times to bet for value.  Read our guide for betting insights, offers and a full guide to the European Championships.

World Cup Qatar 2022 Betting and Event Guide

world cup throphyThe biggest global sporting event by a long way, the FIFA World Cup.  An instant success since its inception in 1930 the pinnacle of national football arouses passions in all people, even many who claim to not like football. 

The prestige of the tournament means this is the most bet on competition in football and this means it is also one of the best times to get good value from wagers as all the bookies compete with each other.  Read our extensive world cup guide with details not just about how to bet but also covering stadiums, schedules, format, history, controversy and more.

FA Cup Betting Guide

fa cupThe FA Cup is the oldest domestic association cup in the world having been played since 1881.  Open to all of the top ten level of English football the competition has a magic like no other, giving even the most minor team a hope of beating the big boys and attaining instant legendary status.  Where else on earth could you possibly end up with a fixture like Hereford v Newcastle?

People love to bet on the FA Cup, largely because it is applicable to so may people.  It is one of the best football tournaments there is for accumulators and deals, but how do you know who are the best bookies to bet with?  In our guide we give you everything you need to know about the FA Cup and who to wager with.