ComeOn Review

ComeOn Now Closed To The UK: From the end of September 2019 ComeOn will close to the UK. If you have an account you can withdraw from the site until the 30th after which funds can be requested by contacting customer support. This applies to sister brand Mobilebet too.

ComeOn are still a fairly young betting site but they have already made a name for themselves as one of the most rewarding bookmakers for regular customers with an unparalleled points scheme. They are arguably the best at rewarding loyalty.

You are not going to get quite the depth of market that you can get with the older bigger boys, but they are certainly better than average with some unique betting features to boot. The odds are respectable too.

ComeOn as a bookie are fairly light hearted and fun, and this is also a brand that prides itself on being open, simple, and transparent both in their terms and the sites operation.

With good offers and a decent book for their size, ComeOn have a full live in-play betting feature as well as great news, stats and live score sections.

  • Different Ethos – Pride themselves on being clear, easy, transparent and fun.
  • Exceptional Loyalty – Player points loyalty scheme + free bet club.
  • Unique Features – Bet types/features you may not have come across before.

Where Did They Come(On) From?

comeon about 400pxComeOn were initially launched in 2010 in Stockholm and are now based out of Malta. The entity is the face of its parent company, Co-Gaming LTD who are regulated by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority. The sportsbook itself is licenced in Curacao in quite a convoluted licencing arrangement. Saying that these guys hold a full UK gambling commission licence and so are safe to bet with, they even have offices in London.

ComeOn started life as a casino, adding the sportsbook a few years later, and believe that betting should be fun and easy to understand, and this makes a really welcome change in this industry. With many other bookies you can often feel they are trying to trap you and if you put a foot wrong you might not get your free bet or payout. This is simply not the case with this bookmaker.

They are a vibrant, youthful company with fun and transparency at the heart. You get the impression that their offices would be a fun place to be, and the importance placed on teamwork by their 200+ employees is evident.

As for the name itself, if you haven’t already worked it out then imagine the final moments of a cup game, or the moment just before the roulette ball lands. The company recognised that the words ‘come on’ were a globally understood expression that captures the excitement of gambling perfectly, so they took it for themselves.

I completely accept that this operator cannot compete with the scale and offers of the big boys but with ComeOn you really do have a nice alternative option, and getting in early could be beneficial.

We don't usually cover smaller UK betting sites on but ComeOn are a definite exception, we really like their customer focus and clarity.

What About the Interface?

comeon interface 850px

The mechanics of the website are surprisingly good for a smaller operator, it’s very quick to respond and has a lot to offer in terms of features. Compared to some much bigger bookmakers ComeOn more than hold their own. 

The sportsbook is really easy to navigate, although you can tell the company started out as a casino, it still has a light-hearted side to it, probably thanks to the account management section which displays gift and shop icons as well as reward points. This shouldn’t be enough to really put anyone off but it doesn’t feel like an obvious place for the serious bettor.

The serious bettor would do well to ignore this feeling, however, because the site lends itself well to punters who take their betting seriously. There is a fantastic stats feature which goes into a lot of depth in all sports and competitions, and the interface is set up to make browsing fixtures, betting, and managing your activity an efficient process. The ability to ‘favourite’ certain betting lines makes it much easier to keep track, especially in-play.

The site is mostly dark with white writing, which provides clean and clear odds but doesn’t do much for the imagination; the instances of green are a welcome sight where they are used, and humour is used to good effect from time to time.


Theoretically, if you know the bet you want to make you should be able to do so within a few seconds of logging in.

Quick links to popular categories are immediately available alongside the current in-play fixtures, or you can use the search tool to manually type in what you are looking for – Newcastle, for example. If you are in more of a browsing mood then the A-Z helpfully enlightens you as to how many events are currently available in each category so you know what is busy.

Each sports category has filtering options such as top leagues, all leagues, in-play, and daily match list so you can view your markets as you see fit, and from there the results are collapsible by league or competition. This is extremely helpful in popular markets as you can make short work of anything that is not of interest. It is also impossible to miss any selections you have made as they are highlighted green.

In spite of all these options the site has simplicity at its core, and there is little to no learning curve to use it effectively.

Player Points & Loyalty

comeon shop 400pxComeOn don't have a huge number of conventional offers, but they are respectable in number and outstanding in value, especially for sports betting.

The real stand out feature of ComeOn is their Player Points bonus system. You get Player Points for everything; you can get points just for logging in each day. More are given for registering, more still for verifying your email, verifying your phone number, for sending in your ID. The list goes on.

Of course, you get points for betting too, and this is where you can really build your tally. The points you receive will depend on the bets you make, and if you play in the casino you earn points for this too. Awesome considering the vast majority of sports betting sites give you no points at all.

Your loyalty points can be traded in the ComeOn shop, which is open 24/7, and the shelves are stacked with lottery tickets, bonuses, reloads, free bets etc. These products change over time to keep things varied and interesting.

They have also run a Free Bet Club in the past, with customers receiving a free bet amount based on their wagering activity the previous week. These are just a few of the ways ComeOn reward loyalty in an industry where it is often not rewarded at all.

Betting Lines

comeon markets 850px

ComeOn have a good book available for their size spanning more than 30 sports categories. They don't take bets on greyhounds, although they have recently added horse racing markets with live commentary, and while some of the more minor sports can sometimes be a little bit barren (I’m looking at you trotting, water polo, and beach volleyball), sports such as football, tennis, snooker, and basketball usually look very healthy indeed.

ComeOn have also embraced the virtual world and do a good line in e-sports and virtuals. Specials markets cover the usual things like name the royal baby or the latest winner of Britain’s Got Talent (is that still going?), but they shy away from amusing options and stick to the sensible.

Market depth is buoyant too equally matching some of the bigger fish in the industry, and even though you will find more markets elsewhere you might also find that market depth drops off a cliff when you look outside of the obvious sports. ComeOn are comparatively consistently strong throughout, with around 175+ lines for top football, 50+ for Aussie rules, and even volleyball nets a good 15+ markets on average.

The most encouraging thing is that market range and depth has been steadily growing year on year.

Are The Odds Good?

comeon odds 400pxFrom my experience, particularly betting on football, I find the odds of this bookmaker to be better than average. The ability to get markets on sports that others don't offer is a draw to this bookmaker too (looking at you again beach volleyball et al). Away from football they may sit closer to the middle of the table but they will always be fair and sometimes even more so.

This is a good place to come if you don't necessarily mind not getting the absolute best odds but you want to know you are getting an honest deal every time without having to shop around.

Bet types are interesting too and include Asian markets which is a particular boost to their football offerings, as well as a bet builder and pulse betting. Pulse betting is like a shot of adrenaline. Bet on minute markets (goal in the next 5 minutes, for example) and the closer you get to your time running out the higher your return.

While enhanced odds promotions are available they are not a particular strong point of this bookmaker but remember you are getting loyalty points each and every time you bet, and these can be traded in for free bets, reloads and the likes. ComeOn are also big on free bets from their regularly running promotions, so there is plenty to be had.

Odds are available in fractional, American and decimal formats and can be changed on any page.

Bet Live

comeon in play 850px

Live betting is something you cannot afford to get wrong if you want to win and keep customers in online bookmaking. ComeOn have worked hard to get this element right and provide and interface that is clear, quick to load, and generally a pleasure to use.

Current matches can be divided by sport, and each category has a number denoting how many events are currently in-play. These events can also be favourited so that following more than a few at a time is made easier, the same goes for specific bet types within each market. Markets are also nicely collapsed down which means you do not spend ten minutes trying to find your game or event.

The ComeOn live schedule feature is one of the best going. Events are broken down by date, time and sport and you will honestly be able to find whatever you want in a matter of seconds. The only odd thing is this is only available on the interface from the homepage. The results and statistics centre are particularly useful and make live betting as technical and analytical as you want it to be - it is even available in 5 languages.

ComeOn flash markets are a novel in-play feature you won’t routinely find elsewhere. Flash markets are denoted by a small pink lightning symbol, and allow you to predict the next goal, corner, card, penalty, throw-in, free kick or goal kicks over the following 1 or 5 minutes live in play. This can create some hyper tense scenarios or brighten up a boring game.

The in-play interface design even allows you to follow and browse other games while in event view. They can’t quite offer the same number of events that others do, but the range of sports they cover is mighty impressive.


comeon live visualisation 400pxThere had to be a catch, right?

ComeOn do not currently offer any live streaming although based on their size and longevity this can be forgiven. Plus, they have tried to make up for it by incorporating live commentary for horse racing and a superb game visualisation that is spectacularly detailed for big games.

Match stats are available with the visualisation too, and these go a long way to making up for the lack of live streaming.

I would be very surprised if ComeOn do not bring in some live streaming in the future though, it would be a great addition to their existing package and they a certainly a company of high achievers who want the best.

Let’s Talk About The App

comeon mobile 250pxI have a lot of time for the ComeOn mobile betting app. Like the desktop site it has been built using the SBTech platform and working with one of the best has certainly paid dividends, once again allowing this plucky little bookie to stand shoulder to shoulder with some industry giants.

The app is so much simpler than many others. Text, icons and odds are displayed at a size you can actually see and the icons look like the sport they are supposed to represent. Ok, it isn’t going to win any awards for interior design but as a betting tool it is fantastic.

Full live betting capability is available through the app and the interface is a gem to use, taking full advantage of all of the features available on the main site and adapting them perfectly for the smaller screen. Live betting remains prominent on the home screen and markets are collapsed down to allow you to find your event quickly, which is arguably the most important facet to mobile betting.

There are two separate menus, one for the sports list and betting features and one that serves as a main menu of sorts, granting access to the casino for example. Account management is done from a separate icon and while all of these are easy enough to use it would be better to merge the first two and avoid confusion.

But this is a minor gripe with what is otherwise a powerful, pacey, and ergonomically designed betting tool that makes life easy for the user at the same time as keeping things fun.

OK it is not all amazing, banking capability and bet history sections need a little more development but overall this is a cracking little app.

Cash Out

comeon cashout 850px

Not one to be left behind, cash out functionality is now offered by ComeOn. Unlike some others that have unrolled their cash out in piece meal, ComeOn have jumped straight into the deep end giving cash out functionality on all single bets and multiple bets on sports.

It’s readily available on the desktop and on mobile and it’s easy to get your head around, the hardest thing is deciding whether to go for it or not. There are two possible scenarios:

  1. Your bet is winning and you want to secure a profit, so you cash out. This will net you guaranteed winnings but they will be less than what you would have won if you had left your bet running until the end and it had been successful. However, you have eliminated the risk of the bet losing.
  2. Your bet is losing and you don’t think your fortunes are going to change, so you can cash out and save a portion of your stake. It won’t usually be much, but it all counts, right?

Essentially, whichever scenario you use it in you are trading in any remaining risk. Just be aware that in-play odds will fluctuate all the time, so if you want to cash out at a price you have seen you have to get in there quickly before they change.

Gaming On The Side

comeon casino 850px

Since this was how ComeOn began it’s no surprise to see that they have a great casino package, with a reward scheme that is interchangeable between the two products. The ComeOn simple wallet system means moving between the two services is really easy too.

There is a casino, live casino and poker section, and between them they notch up near on 1000 different games. These covers video slots, table games, jackpots and scratch cards. Plenty to fill the half time lull if that’s your thing.

In A Jam?

comeon help 250pxThe ComeOn customer services are fine but that’s probably about as fair as I can be.

The agents themselves are superb in knowledge and friendliness, but contact options are limited, and the lack of 24/7 service is a big let down.

If you require help your options are live chat and e-mail, but you had better hope that your issue doesn’t occur after 10pm. There is no phone support either, or if there is it is well hidden.

This all adds up to the feeling that customers are being kept at arms length somewhat, and certainly doesn’t fit in with their ethos of “putting you first”. Sort yourselves out ComeOn.

On a more positive note, the searchable help section and FAQ feature is easy to use, and also works as the live chat window so you can use both in tandem. You can also use it to email ComeOn using a form.

This is an effective way of keeping everything in one place, although for some reason the square green button you need to access it is easy to miss. It shouldn’t be, it’s green on a black background for heavens sake - but it is.

ComeOn Quick Pitch

The overarching aspect to these guys is their user oriented focus with simple transparent terms and offers and clear easy to use interfaces on desktop, mobile and in play. If you don’t want to have to spend time getting familiar with a new site then ComeOn should suit you down to the ground, it’s a wonderful site to use.

They are the best current bookie for loyalty deals for existing customers too. It feels like a lot of online bookies try to draw attention with short term offers but that is not the case with ComeOn, so if you feel your loyalty has been taken for granted by another bookmaker then you will be taken much better care of here.

Mobile bettors will also find plenty to enjoy with the all in one sportsbook and casino app which incorporates a bet builder and everything that is available on the desktop site, including exciting and unique features like pulse betting.

ComeOn may not dominate in any one area, but it’s a tough little cookie that looks after its own.

Your Wallet

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With a more continental outlook ComeOn have a decent range of deposit and withdrawal options in order to please a multinational customer base. You can set your account in either British pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) from the UK. The site is also available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, German, Polish and Chilean.

The cashier system is fine from a user perspective, highlighting any fees before the transfer goes through. The minimums and maximums can be a little odd though because they will depend on the exchange rate of the day. I have listed them as the lowest round number but in actual fact they will be much more random, such as £8.61.

Maximums work in much the same way, and although the maximum transaction limit is low at £8,000 (e-wallets) there is no limit to how many transactions you can make. However, if you bet big this could become tiresome when using your card where the limit is just £2,600.

There is a major red flag for ComeOn in this department, and that is deposit fees. You will be charged 5% for deposits via Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, while Siru will cost between £1.67 and £4.18 based on the deposit amount. This is inexcusable in my opinion and could put many punters off using them on principal.

Oddly enough withdrawals are free using any payment type, although bank wires might incur a charge from your bank. Maximums and minimums are subject to the same sort of fluctuation as deposits due to exchange rates, but the max withdrawal is low at around £8,000.

The Sky’s the Limit?

high stakesActually, £100,000 is the limit.

Any customer can win a maximum of £100,000 on any given day across all sports. This means you don't need to worry about individual payout limits for each sport, event, and bet type. To put a positive spin on it this saves you time researching which category your bet falls into.

This is where ComeOn's policy for simplicity and transparency stands out. For a new kid on the block the maximum payout is actually quite good. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the big bucks that major brands can cope with, but you have to consider the size of the bookie.

Don’t be fooled into not checking your potential winnings against the payout cap though, because even small wagers on some bet types can mount up, and you don’t want to stake more than necessary to reach the cap.

The minimum bet is also clear in the terms and conditions at £0.40, although if you try and place a bet of £0.05 the betslip will let you do it, so maybe they need to update this.

Drop Them A Line

  • Name: ComeOn
  • Registered Company Name: Co-Gaming LTD
  • UK Gambling No/ref: 39286
  • URL:
  • Customer Services Phone Number: Not Available or Not Published
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone betting: Not accepted
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  • Twitter: @ComeOnPulse
  • Registered Company address: 3rd Floor Spinola Park, Triq Mikiel Ang Borg, ST JULIANS, SPK1000.