Best Odds Guaranteed Betting Sites For Horse and Greyhound Racing

best price guaranteedThe best odds guarantee is a scheme widely operated by many UK online bookmakers that effectively guarantees better odds if the industry starting price is higher than the price you were given when you took the bet. Although many bookies offer this for horse racing in particular this doesn't necessarily mean all these offers are equal. In this article we show you bookmakers that offer best odds guarantee for horse racing and those that provide it for greyhound racing, what races the BOG applies to and if streaming is also available.

We also talk about the opportunities to get further enhancements on the starting price, and further down you can read about the different types of odds guarantee, how best to bet using BOG and common terms and conditions.

Bookmakers With Best Price Guarantee For Horse Racing

Betting SiteBOG RacesStreamingClaim
ladbrokes UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
coral UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, USA & Dubai, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
betfred UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
william hill UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I & South African, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
sport nation UK, Irish, UAE & SA Yes, Worldwide, Free
T&Cs Apply, 18+
betvictor UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
888 sport UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
betfair UK & Ireland Yes, All, £0.50 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
unibet UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
paddy power UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £1 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+
betway UK & Ireland Yes, UK+I, £2 min bet
T&Cs Apply, 18+

Greyhound Racing Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers

BookmakerBOG RacesStreamingClaim
coral UK & Ireland Yes, RPTV + Other races Free
T&Cs Apply, 18+
william hill All UK & Ireland Yes, RPTV races, + Radio
T&Cs Apply, 18+
ladbrokes UK & Ireland Yes, RPTV + Sky
T&Cs Apply, 18+
betfair All UK+I Races Yes, All, RPTV races free,
£1 min bet other
T&Cs Apply, 18+
boylesports All BAGS/BEGS Yes, All, RPTV races free
T&Cs Apply, 18+

What is Best Odd Guaranteed

price promiseThe best odds or best price guarantee allows you to bet on a horse or greyhound at any point before the race and if the price of that selection's starting price (SP) is higher than the odds you received then you will automatically be given the higher price.

Betting with a bookmaker that offers BOG gives punters far more security in their bets. On the whole it makes sense to place your bets with bookies that provide the service to give added value to your wagers. It prevents the frustration experienced when you take a price on a horse for example only for that price to drift out by the time the race comes under starters orders.

BOG does not mean you are guaranteed to get the best price on any horse. The price is only increased if the SP of the horse is higher than the odds you received. If your odds are higher than the industry SP then you will stick with that price although another bookie may have a better price still.

Our advice would be to select the betting sites that offer BOG for the race you want to bet on and then use an odds checking service to find out who has the best price out of that selection. Some bookies offer price promises on select races (usually televised) this is different to BOG and guarantees you will get the best price for that horse with the bookie, find out more about price promise.

Best Odds Guaranteed PLUS

This version of the offer known as best odds guarantee plus was pioneered by Ladbrokes (although currently unavailable form them).  The deal means if the price you took was lower than the SP the bookie will not only match it in fact they will enhance it further. 

The deal boosts the price of the horse by around 10% or more, if you took a lower price and the starting price was evens for example this would be boosted to 11/10, 10/1 would become 11/1 and 100/1 would go out to 125/1 and 500/1 would become 1000/1. 

1/100 1/66 3/10 1/3 7/4 15/8 14/1 16/1
1/66 1/50 1/3 4/11 15/8 2/1 16/1 18/1
1/50 1/40 4/11 2/5 2/1 9/4 18/1 20/1
1/40 1/33 2/5 4/9 9/4 5/2 20/1 22/1
1/33 1/25 4/9 1/2 5/2 11/4 22/1 25/1
1/25 1/20 1/2 8/15 11/4 3/1 25/1 28/1
1/20 1/18 8/15 4/7 3/1 10/3 28/1 33/1
1/18 1/16 4/7 8/13 10/3 7/2 33/1 40/1
1/16 1/14 8/13 4/6 7/2 4/1 40/1 50/1
1/14 1/12 4/6 8/11 4/1 9/2 50/1 66/1
1/12 1/11 8/11 4/5 9/2 5/1 66/1 80/1
1/11 1/10 4/5 5/6 5/1 11/2 80/1 100/1
1/10 1/9 5/6 10/11 11/2 6/1 100/1 125/1
1/9 1/8 10/11 1/1 6/1 13/2 125/1 150/1
1/8 1/7 1/1 11/10 13/2 7/1 150/1 200/1
1/7 1/6 11/10 6/5 7/1 15/2 200/1 250/1
1/6 2/11 6/5 5/4 15/2 8/1 250/1 300/1
2/11 1/5 5/4 13/10 8/1 9/1 300/1 400/1
1/5 2/9 13/10 11/8 9/1 10/1 400/1 500/1
2/9 1/4 11/8 6/4 10/1 11/1 500/1 1000/1
1/4 2/7 6/4 13/8 11/1 12/1 - -
2/7 3/10 13/8 7/4 12/1 14/1 - -

If you have the choice you might as well bet with a BOG Plus bookie as this will seriously enhance winnings over time for regular bettors on UK and Irish Racing Horse Racing.  This offer is not always available and may only be rolled out for high profile meetings, worth keeping an eye out for.

What is the Starting Price or SP

betting oddsWhen placing a bet you can generally choose to take fixed odds at the time of placement or the starting price (SP). The official SP or industry SP is defined by an appointed panel who look at fluctuations in prices at the racetrack and then define an official price that is representative of that selection.

Bookies offer best price guarantees to reduce the hesitancy of punters who before the BOG would tend to watch the movement of the prices to see if they would drift out before the start of the race. The best price guarantee removes this uncertainty. A punter knows they will get a better price if the SP is higher and they also know they can stick to their fixed-odds price if the SP is lower.

How to Bet Using Best Odds Guarantee

how to betBetting using best price guarantee is exactly the same as wagering on any horse race just look out for availability. This may be indicated by a logo or icon and should be clearly visible. If betting on racing in the UK and Ireland the you do not need to worry as all races are covered but if betting on racing abroad it is worth checking with the betting site what races are covered. Generally you will not get BOG on foreign racing.

If the SP price is higher than your fixed odds most bookies will indicate this on your bet receipt. For example some bookies cross out your original price and show you the new SP price. Many betting sites will pay you additional winnings instantly, some may take a few hours and others will pay you the next day. You should never need to wait more than 24 hours for your additional winnings.

Types of Best Odds Guarantee and Common T&C's

Terms and conditionsAll the bookies listed here offer a best price guarantee for UK and Irish horse racing and greyhound racing live on Racing Post TV (RPTV). This however does not mean all best odds guarantees are equal and you should always check the terms before you bet. We will not cover all of the differences between the various bookies but we do discuss here all of the major things to look out for.

  1. Race Availability – Most bookies restrict this to the British and Irish racing.
  2. Ante-Post and Tote Markets – Most bookies provide BOG on all bets placed as an early price (EP) or on the day of the race. Many bookies will not provide the guarantee on bets place ante-post bets, in-play, not to win, enhanced win, cover bets, conditional bets and any tote or totepool bets. Some bookies will only allow bets placed on the day after a certain time, for example Betway offer BOG after 10am on race day.
  3. Maximum Payouts – BOG prices themselves are not capped but the bookie could cap any increase in winnings due to the best price guarantee. This is generally nothing to worry about as, for example, SkyBet cap additional winnings for horse racing at £25,000 and £10,000 for greyhounds. It is still always worth checking in advance to be sure as these amounts do vary a lot.
  4. Minimum Bet – For some BOG offers punters need to place a minimum bet to qualify, for Betway for example this is £10, check with your bookies terms in advance.
  5. Availability – Some bookies do not have universal availability so if you would like to bet in store or over the phone check in advance.
  6. Rule 4Rule 4 deductions will apply the same if you have received an enhanced price through BOG or not.
  7. Multiple Bets – BOG usually applies to all win singles, each way and multiple. It is unlikely to apply to full cover bets, conditional bets, betting without, pari-mutual, place only, etc. and other mixed multiples.
  8. Payment Method – Best odds guaranteed is a form of offer an so can carry similar restrictions to other free bet and money back offers. With some online bookmakers you may not be able to qualify for BOG it for example you deposit by Skrill or Neteller, again check first if you are unsure.